Comparison Between Aaron Burr And Hamilton Continue In US History

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Joseph Ellis provides a robust account of the most illustrious duel in U.S. history in effort to bring such a notable story to its full glory. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton met in July, 1804 in New Jersey for an affair of honor. The bout resulted in Hamilton’s death, but Burr experiences a figurative death. Ellis discusses how this duel demonstrates the significance of personal repute in a period of an incipient government. Burr and Hamilton had for many years been in political conflict, stemming from a 1789 occurrence in which Burr switched his alliance from a Hamilton-supported candidate so as to secure the position of New York’s Attorney General (Ellis 23). According to Ellis, the long history of war of words and the ultimate duel between Hamilton and Burr reflected the delicate state of the United States government. The duel’s monumental impact on two individuals actively involved in the creation of the earliest government represents the government’s need for conflict resolution…show more content…
Congress so as to help the nation with its debt. James Madison did not like Madison’s thoughts, and he stymied the plan’s approval. Hamilton requested Thomas Jefferson to help him with his issue. Jefferson fixed up dinner with Madison, Hamilton and himself to talk over the issue. Nonetheless, the men differed in many aspects. They had disparate methods and ideas on how many individuals ought to have economic power, ways to fix the economy, and as well as contributions to society. Hamilton thought that for the economy to thrive, economic development had to be initiated and managed. His wish was for North American resources to be collected and sold at a profit. Such a movement of resources would necessitate management at the national level. Both Jefferson and Madison were opposed to Hamilton’s idea. Their argument was that such an act would cost money and rather than making a profit; the country would lose

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