Similarities Between Martin Luther King Jr And Dyson

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A central idea that this text has is remembering death can inspire others to act different and notice the positive outcomes that happen. “In exchange for collective guilt, whites have given King lesser victories: a national birthday, iconic ubiquity, and endless encomiums. He has been idealized into uselessness for the poor he love, immortalized into a niceness that dilutes the radical politics he endorsed. His justice agenda has been smothered by adulation” (Dyson 55). In this quote, whites made a legacy for Martin Luther King Jr. and respected for what he done for the African American community but also other races like Asians and Latinos. Not many people couldn't of done this and the closest was Abraham Lincoln when he allowed slaves to be the Union Army and Barack Obama who legalize gay marriage. Another central idea is death for is not always an obstacle.. Dyson concentrated a lot in death and Dr. King wasn’t afraid of death because he knew one day that he may die since his beliefs made whites angry. Dr. King “ate, dank, and slept death” (Dyson 3). At one point they were numerous threats upon him and incidents that he felt depression and fear but didn't stop him from reading his speeches to the crowd. Michael Eric Dyson feels inspired about learning about Martin Luther King Jr. life.…show more content…
“ He quickly became the most overworked martyr since Abraham Lincoln. The folk who loved him got up the courage to say so; those who despised him couldn't afford to say so as loudly- their hatred of King was no longer in vogue. He’s gone from nuisance to saint in a matter of days. It took fifteen years to get him a national holiday, but as honors like that go, it was a heartbeat” (Dyson 145). I felt this text was of artful use of language because this is how the black community saw Dr. King. He was praised by everyone and his leadership made him stronger. His technique of able to persuade people wouldn’t be the same if someone else was like him because he’s one of a

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