Loss Of Identity In Lucy Maud Montgomery's The Island Hymn For Prince Edward Island

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If you go back in time and step on a butterfly, then the future will not be the same, right? Even though that may be a stretch in reasoning, it is true that nothing in the world came to be the way it is at present without reason. Many things that may seem of small importance end up making huge ripples and differences in following events. One example of this is an author who wrote a book, and their effect on the place where the book was set. Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the book Anne of Green Gables is not only based on Prince Edward Island, Canada, but has taken the identity of the island and has directly affected its history, tourism economy, and culture. An immediate success when it was written in 1908, it was apparent from the start…show more content…
The Island Hymn for Prince Edward Island was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, her influence is so important that the song the country selected to be recognized by was written by her (gov.pe.ca). There are not only entire museums devoted to them, but the island college, the University of Prince Edward Island, has an entire institute, the L.M. Montgomery Institute, dedicated just to the study and honor of L.M.M. and Anne (lmmontgomery). In learning and education Anne and Lucy are central and important, they are not going to be forgotten by time, but instead are being taught of and cherished as the generations pass. In fact, according to a survey given by the Dominion Institute and the Council for Canadian Unity, L.M. Montgomery was voted one of the top twenty heroes of the twentieth century (tourismpei). L.M.M. has made enough of an impact that she is considered a hero for much of Canada, let alone the island where she was raised and based her books upon. Every summer on the island a popular musical version of Anne of Green Gables runs at the Charlottetown Festival, which has mostly to do with L.M.M., Anne, and their legacy (tourismpei). The island and its people embrace Anne and L.M.M. continually as they celebrate her year after year, keeping the musical and other attractions centered for their

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