How Did Ronald Regan Influence The Government

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Centers for Innovation When looking at the past presidents of the United States, people are always able to pick and choose what they liked or disliked about a president’s term. In particular, when researching about Ronald Regan’s term in office, it came to my attention that he helped push the United States toward its role as an economic leader. In order to achieve this, Regan created policies that held innovation as their backbone, and also Regan understood that research for developing new ideas or technology is the key to a successful economic future. According to Regan during his term, if the country did not progress and figure out new ways to develop, then he as a president failed since no progress meant his country was falling behind others.…show more content…
In 1980, which was the year Regan was elected, Jimmy Carter was the president. While Carter was in office, he did a horrible job in regards to unemployment and inflation rate. Every year while he was in office, both the inflation rate and unemployment rose. By the time his term was over, the inflation rate was 12% while the unemployment rate was 7.7%. Therefore, as Carter’s successor, it was Regan’s job to figure out how to decrease these numbers. This is where innovation came into play because this was Regan’s weapon to get the United States out of this economic mess. Thus, Regan promoted innovation through his public policies and as a result he promoted entrepreneurship at the same time since innovation greatly influences…show more content…
In my opinion, it is all too often where schools focus too much on the general aspects of education and as a result students and professors go through the motions during their precious time in school. However, by focusing on innovation and understanding that it is the driving force of an economy, I believe people will be better off. If one does not believe in what Grimm is talking about, one can see the difference Regan made by installing these policies in the graphs shown below. Before the Regan term, real family income was negatively changing from 1973-1981. Then during Regan’s term, each social class had family incomes that were positively growing. In fact, as one can see from “Table 8” the amount of citizens earning less than $10,000 decreased by 3.4 million workers from 1981-1989, the amount of citizens earning $50,000+ increased by 5.9 million from 1981-1989, and finally there was an additional 2.5 million who earned more than $75, 000 from 1981-1989. After Regan’s term, George Bush Sr. led the country into a recession where unemployment rose along with inflation, which can only show the positive effect that Regan had on the

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