Personal Narrative: National Junior Achievement Titan Challenges

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On January 8, 2014 my doctor told me that I missed brain damage by three minutes and death by ten. The night before while I was sleeping, my tonsils and adenoids became infected and inflamed. I also didn’t know that I had a second case of mono (fought off the first round during junior year) that was hibernating and on the verge of waking up into a rage. Everything hit at once, all three problems climaxed at the same time, and I woke up gasping for air. My throat was millimeters away from closing completely and forcing the doctors to perform a tracheotomy. It would have also stopped my blood from receiving oxygen resulting in brain damage within three minutes and death within ten. That was the day that my life changed. Up until that point,…show more content…
We competed against fourteen other teams in a race to be the most profitable and sustainable company in the simulator. We were awarded $1000. At the National Junior Achievement Titan Challenge we represented Connecticut and placed fourth out of sixty teams from around the country. The award money, along with some graduation money, catapulted me into my next adventure. On June 1, 2014, Alien Polo LLC was officially formed. At the end of six months of product development, my representative from the manufacturer in China notified me that they had filed for bankruptcy and could no longer conduct business. I became quite a weathered businessman during the year following inception. After a year of negotiating, product development with a new manufacture, and website design, Alien Polo went live on the internet and was open for business. Lately, when I get up and reflect in the mirror, I become satisfied with who I am. I’m in great health, both physically and mentally, and I’m leading a legacy that would last longer than a lifetime. Running a successful and thriving business is an amazing

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