Submarine Film Analysis

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For our film this term “First Impressions” one of our reference films is “Submarine” a 2010 film directed by Richard Ayoade following a young boy who is on a quest to lose his virginity before his next birthday, all while trying to prevent his mother rekindling things with an old lover. The main character, Oliver is incredibly awkward and uncertain, very similar to our protagonist, Mia. Oliver, like Mia, is struggling with societal pressure to have sex. Both films follow a similar situation but with different end results. Our bedroom scene is influenced by submarine and a similar colour grade seems logical as we aim to invoke a similar or identical response from the audience and create a similar look and feel. The film is colour graded by Adam Inglis. In the scene in…show more content…
This is similar to the contast planned for “first impressions” as there will be a soft romantic grade with bright red’s for the rose petals with absolute chaos taking place in the room as Mia and her boyfriend Matt scramble around to try find her clothes and get rid of the rose petals, candles and balloons before Mia meets his parents. The scene will slowly become less and less “moody” as they put the lights back on and open the curtains just as Matt’s parents walk in.Very little information is available on Adam Inglis as he works mainly freelance. The only documentation and articles on him are Filmographies showing the films he’s graded, which is an impressive selection. He tends to lean towards period pieces and fantasy’s with incredibly creative aesthetics. Sherlock Holme’s starring Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. for example, features two distinct colour palettes, one yellow, orange and earthy brown desert feeling palette for the daytime and a dark blue, undersaturated, purple high contrast beautifully cold grade for the

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