Rise Of Big Business Essay

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In the late 1800s there were many ways for people to make money and many ways to lose money. This gave rise time to big businesses and corporations. Popular jobs included blacksmiths, butchers, and teachers. Big businesses made up American economy. The rise of new big Business started during a period of extreme economic and industrial growth or otherwise known as the Industrial Revolution. Entrepreneurs used the new innovations, inventions and technology as an opportunity to create massive organization thus creating the rise of Big Business and Corporations. The surge of big business was so powerful that it was able to influence social and political protocols in the U.S. People against large businesses and corporations argued that they had…show more content…
employed most of America’s labor force. The domination was managed by men with a plan, who took risk and had determination with lead them to outcome of fortune and success. The men who built the foundation of these new industries contributed a significant amount to the economy of the United States. They expanded markets, increased trade, and with the new inventions many people were able to get employed. The advancement of the new big businesses created business practices and ethics. That led to popular and wealthy managers in the industrialization field to be referred as Robber Barons or Captains of Industry. Before the mid 1800’s there really wasn’t an increasing number of businesses and corporations. In the past, business entrepreneurs had to lure the legislature into issuing them with a charter. A charter was basically a way to show that the entrepreneur was authorized. Charters were only granted for short periods of time and then would be revoked. This was changed later when states began to pass laws that were extensive and they allowed companies to become corporations and issue stocks with the consent from the state
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