Personal Narrative: My Experience As An Immigrant

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In order for us to understand people of different racial and ethnic identities, we must approach it in a holistic manner—fully considering every aspect that affects these identities. In reflecting of my own racial and ethnic identities, the way I’m perceived by people because I am Latina and also an immigrant can at times be negative due to the evolvement of American history, and although I live in America, my culture is a mix of Argentinian and American, and this then forms the social construction of how I view the world. I’ve noticed that being an immigrant as well as Latina has affected the way others interact with me, and the few/more opportunities I have as history evolves. Affirmative action helps bridge the unequal opportunities for…show more content…
When I am at home, I participate in communal tea drinking called mate. This bitter tea is a huge part of Argentinian culture and I have had the ability to enjoy it in my day-to-day life because of my mother. Though, I would most likely not be seen drinking mate anywhere else because it’s not understood as being a part of American culture, thus creating a troubling contradiction. Growing up in a town that was mostly white also affected my culture in that I have a lot of American norms that may at times conflict with my Argentinian norms. For example, when sitting down for dinner, I was always taught that one arm should rest on the table––it’s considered unsanitary and bad manners to have it under the table. When going to dinners with Americans, it’s the complete opposite––having your arms on the table is bad manners. It’s subtle differences like these that can cause some confusion in how I should act and which identity to bring out more. These contradictory cultures often build my social constructions of the world. Depending on the situation, I will be more Latina or American to better respond to my environment. When I first went back to Argentina to visit, I observed my manner of acting around family and strangers to better blend in. Even though I tried hard to fit in, family members would

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