Ultranationalism In Japan Before Ww2

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In Japan before World War II, ultranationalists worked to get rid of Japan’s democracy and wanted to make the country a one-party state ruled by the military. By 1937, the military leaders created a cult around Hirohito. Although Emperor Hirohito was much respected, he had no political power. The commanders of the military forces decided on the country’s national interests and made most of the decisions that brought Japan into World War II. In 1941, general Tojo Hideki became prime minister and transformed Japan into a military dictatorship. He was an aggressive ultranationalist and promised that Japan would dominate Asia through military strength. Hirohito was considered a descendant of god and took pride in Japan. It is true that he had ultranationalist views but he wasn’t in control of Japan.…show more content…
Both Men and Women were allowed to vote, but during the 1920s, no political party won enough votes to run a successful government. The Great Depression started in 1929 and hit Germany extremely hard. Struggling to recover from the war and their lost colonies, Germany's economy went down hill. Many Germans were laid off and German money became almost worthless with prices increasing more than 100 times. Germans started looking for a leader that could fix the country’s economic crisis and in 1933 Adolf Hitler was elected to run Germany. As soon as Hitler was in power, he destroyed the parliament system and declared the start of an empire with himself as dictator. He promised to restore the nation’s pride by making Germany a leading nation on Earth and used propaganda to keep his message and image in the minds of the nation. He killed anyone who opposed his views or challenged the state's perspective. Hitler became such a power leader and such an extreme ultranationalist because of his nationalistic views and harsh punishments for anyone who went against his

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