Comparing Women In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The biggest difference within the two narrators is their approaches on how to deal with their misfortunes. This can directly correlate with the culture that was present at the time they were both written. Women at this time were regarded as highly emotional and weak beings whereas men were perceived as strong and tough. Similarities that the both share is that they're going through hard times in their lives and are trying their best to make it through. One is perceived as doing this better than the other. W2 Sir Gawain is someone who stays true to his morals of knighthood better than most others. He is courageous and noble at heart. He does all he can to please his king and kingdom. He remains humble even though he has a high title. The test that the Green Knight puts him through shows how much self-restraint he has. He knows how to control himself in majority of temptations. Even when he breaks that restraint, Gawain embodies basic human nature. W3 The sin that the Summoner thoroughly displays is greed. He manipulative's people out of their money by promising to save their souls when in fact he does not have that control. He also has…show more content…
He states love is the marriage between two mines referring to it as a marriage of the souls this, it is never changing. Next he describes that love looks on tempest and is never shaken, meaning that just because you have a disagreement on a certain matter doesn't mean that your love for one another will fade. Love survives all hardships. If one does not believe what our author is saying then it is accosted that they were never truly ever in love. The modern advice that we can see in this is that you should make sure you are in love with the person before you marry them. Just because one loses their beauty or has different perspective than you doesn't mean you should stop loving them. Love is something you don't fall out of because it never changes it is there

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