Sparta Vs Athens Essay

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How did people in Athens and Sparta obtain the right to participate in public life and make decisions affecting the community? Who held public office? What rules governed the selection of public office holders? How were the two city-states similar in their governmental structures? How did they differ? Monarchy includes ancestral and hierarchical kings with supreme authority over a civilization for example Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent that lasted for about 300 years. All the authority and powers were held in the emperor hands, however, in Spartan monarchy we witnessed that Ephors and Guresia, and they were dominating mostly the king could only emphatically enforce their rule when they were on the battlefield where they could order death sentence to any soldier for showing cowardliness. Aristocracy also means all the wealthiest, mightiest people in any civilization who have had some family history for being dominant and decision makers. They are not part of true democracy but we saw both in Athens and Sparta influence of aristocrats. In Sparta the ephors from aristocratic background and attitudes used to bully the other ephors and could swirl away opinion at their will. Likewise, in Athens Themistocles and upper class bushel men were having more influence and the…show more content…
This form of government is very centralized and in my opinion is bound to fail because the main stakeholders are the common people. When the best qualified and capable people are not running the offices then we can’t really revolutionize and have rapid growth. Oligarchies forms of government result in stereotypical decision making which might involve protecting one owns personal gains and prejudice. No accountability

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