Lathe Machine Case Study

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Task 1 1.1connecting rod All dimensions in Overall length is =122 wit All dimension tolerance is = +0.04 -0.02 Diameter of rod= 42 Rod Material = aluminum Required machines:- Lathe machine Milling machine or shaping machine Drilling machine Lathe machine:- Lathe…show more content…
In this process excess unwanted metal removed. The machine tool use full in performing planning turning, taper turning thread cutting, chamfering and knurling, facing, grooving, drilling, parting, internal threading etc……. Safety issues:- 1. Never wear long sleeves, gloves or any jewelry tie hair back. 2. Keep all rags away from the machine while it is in motion. 3. Never use the lathe when tired and rushed for time. 4. Always removes the chuck key from check immediately after using. 5. Make sure that the chuck of face plate is always fully tightened into the spindle. 6. Make sure your part is securely tightened in the chuck or collect. 7. Always check that the chuck or collect will clear the tool post before you start. 8. Move the tool bit, tool post and or tailstock a safe distance from the chuck or collect when inserting or removing your work piece. 9. Don’t run the machine faster then the proper cutting…show more content…
It can be moved along the bed either towards or away from the head stock. It has several part to support move and control the cutting tool. In this operation using for single screw tool post:- Main parts:- Tool post screw Tool post body The tool is held by a screw in this tool post. It consists of round bar with a slotted hole in the center for fixing the tool by means of a set screw. A concave ring and convex rocker are used to set height of the tool. Point at the right position. The tool fits on the that top surface of the rocker the tool post in not rigid enough for heavy work as only one clamping screw is used to clamp the tool. Single screw tool post is tool removing and inserting is easy. Tool setting:- A facing tool is mount on the tool post and its cutting edge is set exactly aligned to the axis of the lathe spindle. The compound rest is set at 0 ̊̊̊ mark. Tool fitting on the single screw tool post Tool want trite using in tool key. And work piece is center axis in tail stock. Correct position:- The cutting edge of the cutting tool is positioned exactly aligned to the axis of the lathe spindle. Selection of cutting speed:- work material Mild steel Cast

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