Dinner With Walter Mitty

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Dinner with Walter Mitty If I had dinner with Walter Mitty (the main character in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, by James Thurber) it would be a mix up between good things and bad things about having dinner with Walter Mitty. Walter Mitty is a very interesting person but his ability to switch on and off with reality and his fantasies is crazy. He can be doing anything especially a hard job and still daydream. But having dinner with Walter can turn out to be really awkward or can be interesting if he doesn’t daydream. So is it good/bad if I had dinner with Walter Mitty? First, if I had any thoughts about having dinner with Walter Mitty if was good or bad, I think a reason it would be bad because he daydreams. If i’m talking something really serouis with Walter Mitty and he needs to hear about it, what if he daydreams? If he daydreams i’ll think he is a bad friend and that he probably won’t even listen to me anymore. Plus if he daydreams he’ll probably just stare off into a distance and then it would be awkward because everything is quite and he is dozing off. Also he can be thinking of anything, what if i’m talking bananas and he is thinking about pizza, he would totally be off subject and probably just ignore whatever I say. So that’s one reason why I think it’s bad to have dinner with Walter Mitty, he dozes off.…show more content…
Because when he daydreams he tends to blurt out things out of nowhere. Like if i’m talking about hats and how unique they are he might blurt something about a monkey or being able to climb a tree. If he did that then I would probably just stare at him like he is insane or crazy and then probably just eat my delicouis food off of my plate, well I hope it’s delicouis. When i’m eating he might blurt out “BANANAS!” or something crazy, it depends on what he is daydreaming about, but he is Walter Mitty, he can think about anything and become
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