Why Mba Causes Breakup Research Paper

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Why MBA causes breakup Everyone knows that b-school is about classes, projects, studies, grades, networking, internships, and job search. It’s common knowledge that students also party hard and that happy hours followed by hangovers and hookups are routine. It’s no secret that all this business and pleasure often choke serious relationships out of existence. Campus legend has it that by the first November of the MBA program, most students who arrived with prior relationships grow so apart that they have one or two cities between them. The Monday following Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Monday by MBA students, not because it commemorates a frightful market crash, but because it is the usually the day when many of them return to campus…show more content…
Or he holds forth about a high-profile but boring professor or about an accounting point he finds interesting. “Whatever happened to his funny banter, ready wit, and easy laughter!” Personalities develop in different ways: The MBA student, with all the smart A-types around her, changes, or develops, in a way different from the way her partner develops. She suddenly starts to wonder if this guy she lives with and plans to marry is indeed the person whom she used to know. Competition from classmates: There are usually more guys than girls in an MBA class, and most of the guys are either single or “Married but Available,” which is often how “MBA” is expanded on campus. These males are smart and attractive and can throw an MBA girlfriend/spouse off her feet. She may readily spot a greener pasture. Other reasons Some factors behind b-school campus breakups can be avoided or managed to an extent, such as a feeling of exclusion. For example, some students don’t introduce their partners upfront to their fellow students. Big mistake! Delaying this introduction makes the partner feel more and more left out as days go by. It also reduces the chance of the partner being invited to events for

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