Latex Case Study

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a. Allergy/Anaphylaxis to Latex i. Can you describe the kind of reaction you had to latex, was it a rash or more serious, such as throat itching and closing? Do you have a reaction if it comes in contact with an item containing latex or in the air? After the reaction, what did you use to treat it? Medications or removal of the latex and cleansing the area? ii. It is important to ask about the type of reaction experienced by the patient to determine how severe the reaction is to the allergen. If it causes anaphylaxis from the touch or being in close proximity to an product containing latex then we need the entire office to know and not use any latex products while he is being treated in the office. Also to inform him that we will be sure to…show more content…
Supine position will need to be adapted by the dental hygienist to make the patient comfortable enough to finish treatment. If the patient manages his pain with medications, it is important to determine if the medication is a blood thinner that might affect the way his treatment is completed. A pillow should be available to support the patient’s neck or back. If the patient is taking Aspirin as a pain reliever, it is important to document since it is a blood thinner. The blood thinner would need to be stopped prior to invasive dental treatment. f. High blood pressure i. Do you take any medications to control your blood pressure? Have you taken your medication today? Have you had any complications occur during previous dental treatment? When was the last time your physician has monitored the effectiveness of your medication? ii. We will monitor his blood pressure before every appointment to ensure that it is within a safe range to treat the patient. If the patient has not taken his medication for the day it may not be safe to treat the patient because he could cause a medical emergency, such as a stroke or heart attack. The prescribing physician information is important because the patient might just call in refills for a medication that is no longer effective in treating his hypertension, or is causing him to experience hypotension. g. Psychiatric condition i. Have you seen a specialist about your psychiatric condition? Are you taking any medication for the

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