Miss Evers Boys Film Analysis

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“Miss Evers Boys” is movie about Tuskegee experiment. Tuskegee experiment was designed to study the effect of untreated syphilis. However, significant problem of this experiment is not only untreated but also victim/patient were poor African American and this problem was started because patient was poor African American. In 1932, Tuskegee experiment started. In the movie Eunice was important character as same as fact. By focus on her movie explain why this terrible thing happened. In the movie almost all of struggle of hospital were money. They justify themselves by saying there will be money when that experience finish. Also some of African American doctor justify experience by clarify his goal that this experience will help African American…show more content…
It has two major points. First basic understanding of patient by doctor should be one individual volunteer. This part of important point for researcher was fail in Tuskegee experiment, they doctor did no see patient as respectable people. They saw patient as just object of research. Second, protect patient decision include patient who does not have capability to decide. Similar to justice, but as characteristic of patient, we have to consider ability of patient. Researcher should not say “because he said yes” researcher has responsibility to check ability and understanding of patient. In the movie, there was one patient who had problem with mind not only because of his health but also culture and difficult situation. Even if it can be difficult that is responsibility of researcher to look patient carefully and take care of them with great…show more content…
When I simplify Belmont report, this report is very flexible. When instruction is flexible there are difficulties to avoid stupidity of some researcher. If researcher understands Belmont report by reading simply and they follow to own desire, that stupidity can happen. However, Belmont report introduces three important things. Connect each point and see research not only as society but also each independent patient and effect and recognize own stereotype for patient. If researcher follows each independent element of Belmont research, terrible thing like Tuskegee experiment can happen again. However, if researcher connects each element of Belmont report those dangers will degrees. When I read Tuskegee report I impressed because Belmont report separated justice and beneficence clearly. Since a lot of researcher thinks beneficence is justice, this separation of justice and beneficence is important. Justice of researcher can against beneficence of society or patient. Also beneficence can be against principle of justice. Even separation of two of them are important, connect each other is important. Since each element of Belmont report is similar, there are necessities to use all elements as filter to stop stupidity.to use all filter, researcher have to follow each element and compare and connect each element. Then, Belmont report as instruction of research becomes not

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