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Late Start School: Is it Really Worth it? Late start mornings should not even be considered an option for schools. It would merely be a waste of time for students, teachers, and parents alike, providing no evidence for it to be beneficial to the youth of our society.To say late start school is a bad idea is an understatement, at the least. Late start threatens after school activities, promotes student procrastination, and is unhealthy for the community and students. Late start school is hazardous to all after school activities. Late start school would mean getting out of school later, leaving less time for students to participate in after school activities such as athletic events, or after school jobs. After school athletics rely on daylight hours for practice and games as it is dangerous to do these things at darker times. Since late start means getting to school later, it results in various after school activities having to reassess times for meetings or practices to adjust to school dismissal hours. It also means that teenagers with after school jobs will have to reschedule or give up working hours because they…show more content…
The working parents of kids whose schools enforce late start may have to readjust their schedules in order to drive their kids to school and get to work on time. In addition to this, families with teenagers who are responsible with watching younger siblings before school may have to spend money on child care for these children. Late start school impacts the district too. School districts may have to spend extra money not available on school buses and drivers in order meet the needs of each school. Teachers also have the short end of the late start school. Later dismissal times may take away from teachers home life. Students and parents could also resist later start times as such is human nature. Late start school has a greater impact than most are aware

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