Buddhism And Christianity Compare And Contrast

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The Contrast of Buddhism and Christianity Throughout time, cultures have developed compelling and intriguing religions. No two religions are more fascinating than Buddhism and Christianity. Both have played substantial roles throughout history, having influence over massive regions of the earth. Despite being similar in influence, these two religions are vastly different in beliefs about the divine, human nature, and morality. Both Buddhism and Christianity were born from other great religions. Christianity’s precursor was Judaism while Buddhism has deep roots in Hinduism. Not surprisingly, Jews and Christians worship the same God who is portrayed as a loving, caring, omniscient God. The difference is their beliefs on the messiah; Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the messiah or savior of humanity. Jews believe the messiah is yet to come. Buddhism on the other hand, is quite different from Hinduism, but they do have…show more content…
Buddhism and Christianity couldn't be more different in this aspect. Christians believe that since the first humans, Adam and Eve, sinned in the Garden of Eden, humanity has kept an inherent sinful nature. A Christian believes that only Jesus was able to live life sinlessly. Therefore, when he died on the cross, he made amendment for humanity's sin. Any human who truly believes that Jesus did indeed die on a cross for their sins is pardoned. Buddha taught that humans are born with no inherent nature; they are neither good nor evil. Humans are either enlightened or not. Both Buddhists and Christians believe a human can be reborn, however this means drastically different things in both religions. In Buddhism, rebirth refers to the transmission to the original human state to enlightenment. Christian rebirth however refers to the transition when a human finds new faith in Jesus. As can be seen, Buddhism and Christianity bear drastically different beliefs on human

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