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Sleepwalking Referred to as somnambulism, sleepwalking is a relatively common sleep disorder, it is a condition in which a person gets out of bed and walks or move around, often performing routine actions like eating, getting dressed or moving a furniture while still in a sleep-like state. It is categorized under parasomnia conditions, which refers to any form of unconscious actions carried out while sleeping. One common thought about sleepwalking is that an individual sleepwalks because his subconscious mind is engrossed with negative emotions such as shame, guilt or fear. While sleepwalkers are not necessarily consumed with painful feelings, stress and anxiety are known to trigger sleepwalking disorder. Sleepwalking more often occurs…show more content…
In most cases, the child will probably outgrow it. It is estimated that about 15% of healthy children sleepwalk occasionally. Sleepwalking is not just a disorder for the young, several occurrences of it has been found in adults. In the United States, nearly four percent of adults experience it. Possible solutions to sleepwalking There have been no medical studies to show that any psyco-emotional or medicinal treatment is effective in preventing sleepwalking. Despite this, a variety of therapies have been used to fight sleepwalking. Psychological treatments have involved psychoanalysis, , assertion training, relaxation training, aggressive feelings management, proper sleep hygiene, and play therapy. Medicinal treatments have included the use of anticholinergic, antiepileptic and herbs Getting enough rest and ensuring optimal sleep quality is one of the major solutions to sleepwalking, most sleepwalkers have short rest durations and this thus makes their body become active while asleep. Sleeping in a dark room with no TV or shiny light. Avoid heavy meals before going to bed, which can lead to sleep-disruption. Prevent alcohol too, although it may cause you to get to fall asleep quicker, it could make you more likely to awaken later

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