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King Tutankhamun: The 11th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt King Tutankhamun (Tut) was a ruler in ancient Egypt for a very short time. Tut is estimated to have been born between 1330 and 1340 BC, and became ruler of Egypt nearly 10 years later. At the time of his rule, there was nothing about Tut that surfaces as interesting or impressive, specifically consider that his reign was so short and came about at such a young age (BBC, 2014). Tut was notorious mostly for the fact that his tomb was discovered in the early 1900's during an excavation. His tomb was discovered fully intact after thousands of years, which was extremely surprising due to the high volume of tomb raiders and grave robbers throughout the world, paired with increased tourism and trade routes. Furthermore, the story surrounding Tut's life and death is quite compelling. He became a ruler around the age of eight or nine and died before the age of…show more content…
Tut's father had taken the traditional religion in the land and modified it to focus on one of the various gods that were present in Egyptian culture. Many of the Egyptians did not believe in this new religious belief and refused to accept it. Additionally, these alterations provoked an uproar throughout the empire. After Tut's father ended his rule, someone new took over the throne until Tut was believed to be of age to accept the position. Historians believe that Tut's brother may have taken over for a few years. Tut worked diligently with advisors and other important officials to restore the nation to an agreeable state as well as uphold some of his father's ways. In order to do this successfully, Tut mostly relied on the help of advisors and officials to direct his orders and the direction with the empire (Field Museum, 2006). If Tut had lived a longer life, his reign could possibly have been one of the most beneficial to the Ancient

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