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Raymond Liu Kicking a soccer ball 1. Identify and describe the major muscles, joints and joint action used to perform this movement skill and how they influence the way the body moves? Here I will explain what muscles, joints and joint action used in kicking a ball in soccer. As well as the health and skill related components of required in playing soccer and what are important in kicking a soccer ball. Soccer is sport built around a team move the ball up and down the field in an attempt to kick it within a goal to score. The particular movement of soccer that will be talking about is kicking a soccer ball from stationary point. Kicking a soccer ball is used throughout soccer as it is the main way of getting a ball to move from player to player, scoring a goal. Every member of the team has to kick the ball to score or to pass to other members of your team. Kicking a soccer ball from a stationary point requires the basic steps of planting your foot next to ball, swing your leg backwards, bending your knees and hip and swing your leg to kick the ball. The basic steps actually use various joints and muscles in the body. Down here is an image of a person ready to kick a soccer ball. When you are going to kick a…show more content…
Agility is your ability to stop, start and change direction as fast as possible. It is important in soccer as it helps avoiding defenders around a goal and enemy strikers. Reaction time is how quickly your brain can respond to a stimulus and initiate a response. Reaction time is important in soccer but mainly for the goalie as he has react as fast as possible as he has to block to ball from getting in the goal. Coordination is the ability to use the body parts and senses together to produce smooth efficient movements. This is important for all the players in soccer as it allows the players to aim for the goal without missing or pass it to another player

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