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Imagine this, you are 9 years old and you are a king. That’s what King Tut was, at age 9 he ruled Egypt. Unfortunately King Tut only ruled Egypt for 10 years because he died, unexpectedly, at age 19. His death was a mystery, but the biggest mystery was where his tomb was hidden. King Tut died around 1324 BCE and when you’re a King, you get many, many riches. All the riches, or most of the riches are buried when the King dies. So of course, a few people really wanted to find his tomb. King Tut’s tomb was found in the Valley of Kings, and the Valley of Kings was founded by Richard Pococke in 1713. The Valley of Kings is a huge open valley where many Kings and Pharaohs were buried. If you were to get buried here when you died, that would be an accomplishment. The founder of King Tut’s tomb was Howard Carter. Carter was in Egypt searching for tombs for 31 years before he found King Tut’s tomb and retired after his discovery. Carter found the tomb in November of 1922, that was over 3000 years after King Tut died. Carter’s famous discovery gave us a picture of what it was like to be a King back then, like how you were…show more content…
The ancient Egyptians believed that the dead spirit of the King, Queen, and/or Pharaoh had to complete many tasks to reach the underworld. They also believed that the only items they had to complete these tasks were the items buried with them in their tomb, so there always was many different items buried with them to help them. The five rooms were the Passage, the Annex, the Antechamber, the Golden Shrine, and the Treasure Chamber. Most of the rooms had golden walls and big shrines to King Tut. Some of the highlighted treasures from the tomb were, 2 life-size statues of King Tut, a golden King Tut pharoah head on his coffin, and all of King Tut’s money and jewelry. The tomb had over 600 of King Tut’s most valuable items and took 1.5 years to clear out

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