Gypsies In The Holocaust Research Paper

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Gypsies in the Holocaust Introduction: Gypsies were looked at as outsiders during the Holocaust which made them targets for the Nazis and often forgotten victims; the German people should have stood up to the Nazis and prevented the persecution of the Gypsies.They are not much different from the average person other than their beliefs and culture. Gypsies or Roma people were a victim of the Holocaust just like the Jews. People often forget that this group of people were killed, tortured and sterilized by the Nazis. Many of the Gypsy people died from the mass killings and should never be forgotten. Backround: “Lungodrom” = The long road (Altman 57). The Gypsies went down a very long road starting from when they came over from India to now. “Roma (Gypsies) originated in the Punjab region of northern India as a nomadic people and entered Europe between the eighth and tenth centuries C.E,” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum).They Gypsy people have always been very nomadic in their ways. “Most of the Roma in Germany and the countries occupied by Germany during World War II belonged to the Sinti and Roma family groupings,”(Roma (Gypsies) in Prewar Europe). These two groups are the main victims that were killed during the Holocaust.…show more content…
Gypsies were often performers, cobbles, circus animal trainers, blacksmiths and dancers by the 1920’s (Roma (Gypsies) in Prewar Europe).In Germany there were 30,000 Gypsies living there.The Gypsies occupied many different areas of Europe. They also lived in Hungary, Austria, Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Romania by 1939 (Roma (Gypsies) in Prewar Europe). Many of the Gypsies worked different jobs than the other European

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