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King Tut is most likely the most famous Egyptian King in the world. King Tut also known as Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh during the 18th dynasty. This point in time was known as the New Kingdom. He was born to the Akhenaten, his father who ruled over the land, also, in the 18th dynasty. His father ruled for over 17 years until his death sometime around 1334-1336 BC. It was confirmed that Akhenaten was his father in the year 2010 when DNA testing was done on the mummified remains. His mother, however, is much more of a mystery. His mother has no name, but is known as “The Younger Lady” found in the KV35 tomb in the year 1898 as a part of the King’s Valley. She was the wife and sister of Akhenaten, however, no artifacts have been found…show more content…
The year was 1333 BC when he was placed on his throne. Since he was so young when he took the throne, he has many powerful advisers that watched over him and his decision making. During his reign he had to clean up many of his father’s messes that were deemed wrong. His father had overturned many sacred religious practices that had taken place for many years. He reversed many of the oppositions passed by his dad. Other events that took place during his reign he also helped improve buildings and structure. The country has a failing economy after the reign after his father, and he had faith that he could restore it back to its original settings. He had a hand in resorting relationships with many other foreign countries who has broken…show more content…
King Tut dies at the age of 18. Studies have shown that his burial had been rushed, because the paint hadn’t even had time to dry. People use to believe that the king had been assassinated. Further, studies show that at the time of death King Tut had a leg fracture. Results of lab work showed that he had traces of malaria in his body. Others say that the wound from his leg had gathered infection from not being taken care of properly and developed gang green a flesh eating disease. Another, theory is that it just could have been a harmful genetic line up from being the child of incest. Nobody will ever know for sure what killed the young king it could have been one of them or a mixture of them

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