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The Similarities Between King Arthur and Ben Carson There are a lot of similarities between King Arthur and Ben Carson. After some background research about both of them, you will be able to find a series of similarities. These two people may have grown up in two extremely different time periods but they are very similar in actions and life choices. King Arthur was born in the medieval period, whereas Ben Carson was born in 1951. These two people have similar backgrounds even if it doesn’t look like it from the beginning. When Ben Carson was in the fifth grade children in his class called him “dummy”. This was because him and his brother fell behind in school and were at the bottom of their classes. This is like how King Arthur was when he was little. Nobody would believe that either of them could take a big step and become as great as they turned out to be. The thought of Arthur becoming king someday would have never crossed somebody's mind because he was only Sir Ector’s adopted son. This is how it was for Ben Carson’s class, they…show more content…
When it was time for Ben to start college he gained more control of his temper. He knew that he had to go to college in order to become a neurosurgeon. He also knew that he had to cool down his temper to even think about going through college. He chose to go through college and get his future career. Arthur started being taught by Merlyn, Merlyn knows what Arthur’s future looks like so he begins to teach him all the stuff that he would need to know when he becomes the king. Ben Carson chose to turn his life around and start schooling so that he could do what he wanted, and Arthur’s life was turned around with the help of Merlyn. Both of them began to be more trusted by people. They were out going in their work and people did not know them anymore as a dummy or Kay’s squire but as an intelligent neurosurgeon and a hard working and smart

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