Kidney Stone Case Study

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5 Reality Checks Regarding The Intense Pain of a Kidney Stone You wake up at 2:00 am in the morning with an excruciating pain twisting and ripping in and through out your abdomen; a pain so severe it's hard for you to think straight and function. You start to sit up to get out of bed but, the pain is overwhelming, enveloping; and you wonder if you can safely get to an emergency room if someone is with you or even reach for your phone to call an ambulance if you live alone. The above scenario could be an indication that the pain you are experiencing is caused by a kidney stone. However, that may not be the situation at all but severe abdominal pain that lasts for any length of time should be addressed by a visit to a qualified physician.…show more content…
Even with a painkiller and being in a hospital, this is a scary situation. Just work at keeping it together and you'll get through it. What Do I Do If I Think I Have A Kidney Stone? The keyword is think. Even if it is kidney stone, keep telling yourself the pain is only temporary, most often only a few hours, or, on a few occasions a day or two. In an emergency room or hospital, they will give you a painkiller once they have questioned you thoroughly regarding the specific aspects of how this pain 'Feels,' and a little prodding and pressure to identify exactly where the pain is coming from. Once the kidney stone is removed you'll receive information on what preventive measures you can do to avoid repeating this experience. Again, let me emphasize the aspect of remaining calm despite an event of this type that can have a blast of pain so powerful you might find yourself on your knees unable to walk; but, you will get through it and return to your home and return to your life. The reality of this situation is that it does happen all the time but, the overwhelming and enveloping pain is not to be looked at in a dismissive manner. Just toss somewhere in the back of your mind the statement, 'I can get through this,' and you will; just like so many before

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