Assignment: Antigone And Ismene

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Assignment #1 Why do you feel Antigone was so determined to bury her brother, and why was Ismene not? Antigone was so determined to bury her brother because of three main reasons. First, the law of the gods demanded that the dead would be buried or properly burned for them to go well into the underworld. After disagreeing with Ismene, Antigone notes that her sister does not appreciate the law of the gods. Second, her love for the dead brother, Polyneices, moved Antigone to want to bury him well. Finally, Antigone believed that Polyneices deserved a proper burial just like Creon had done to their other brother, Eteocles. On the contrary, Ismene was not determined to bury their brother because she was submissive to the laws created by the leaders.…show more content…
Her seemingly deviant actions, at least according to Creon, are justified by the law of the gods. For a long period, Thebes was a strong city that was guided by the law of the gods. Antigone, in her justification, sought to bury her brother Eteocles so that he would pass well into the underworld. In the Chorus of Ode II, it is noted that “Blessed is he who has never been struck by the vengeance of the Gods!” Therefore, the actions of Antigone are justified. Moreover, Antigone emerges the hero by being candid with Creon and insisting the burying a dead body is not evil. The actions of Creon, on the other hand, show that he is rigid, and does not want to embrace any second thought for the actions of Antigone. He stays put on the law created for the land, majoring on the disobedience of Antigone for the purported laws of the…show more content…
While he insisted on his decision per the laws of the land, he knew that the law of the gods was equally significant. Apparently, Creon was exhibiting his powers and command by making the decision. Moreover, due to the stern and candid character of Antigone, it was difficult to stone her to death. Her words, even in the wake of her death, remained tied on the importance of giving her brother a decent burial so that he could go well into the underworld. Choragos, who was loyal to King Creon, was also disheartened by the decision made by Creon, and could not help but cry. Cumulatively, the events surrounding the death of Antigone prompted Creon to abandon her in the tomb to decide her own

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