Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hyaluronic Acid Powder

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Meta Description: Among the finest ingredients in beauty products is the hyaluronic acid. It comes in varied forms, but what makes the hyaluronic acid powder the best? Introduction: Ever wonder why, even with the emergence of brand-new beauty brands, the old ones still gain consumers? In the United States alone, approximately 80% of the population buy from them as soon as hitting the puberty age. It isn’t because of the discounted rates that companies sell their merchandises at, no. The reason is that people – young or mature – are anxious to look less youthful than yesterday. Among the highly valued ingredients in cosmetic products to date is the hyaluronic acid. This natural compound can ideally moisturize your skin and do other fantastic…show more content…
You have surely found articles regarding the advantages of using hyaluronic acid, so I won’t bore you with those. The topic that has received the least amount of light, though, is its pulverized form. Let me tell you already why hyaluronic acid powder is the finest choice. 1. You decide what to do with it. I like the fact that it has 100% pure concentration. It is a characteristic that you can only find in the most elementary state of the compound. The processed products have different ingredients added to them; that’s why they are not as satisfactory. Since the powder is very natural, you have the authority to transform it into gel or serum by yourself. You may also opt to increase or decrease the volume of the solution. Just bear in mind, however, that its concentration cannot go beyond one percent. Or else, it will become too firm. I know it because I once got overexcited while working with the substance that I forgot to measure it accurately. Instead of putting that much to a hundred milliliters of water, it became around 1.1%. The slight discrepancy in decimal point should not matter, but hyaluronic acid powder is and will always be a humectant. Meaning to say, every molecule loves water so much they want it all for themselves. If you go beyond the suggested ratio, you will end up with a lumpy, irreversible

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