Keirsey Temperament Test

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1. After taking the temperament test, I got the result of being a Guardian. Guardians are the most common profile because it accounts for 45% of the population. Guardians are the ones who preserve the social institutions and ensure everything runs smoothly as the way they are currently. In other words, guardians prefer to preserve status quo and they would avoid unnecessary changes. It is also mentioned that guardians honor customs and traditions greatly, which also enhances the status quo argument. Guardians are generally serious and adamant about their work and responsibility; they have a strong sense of right and wrong. Besides that, guardians are practical, realistic, and down-to-earth. Guardians do things based on facts rather than intuition…show more content…
I am considered to be a guardian in the Keirsey Temperament Test. Based on my Keirsey type, if there is a change in the company, I will be likely to object it. For example, if the company is trying to introduce a modern technology, I will tend to avoid using the new technology. As a guardian, if a job is being delegated to me, I will be very dedicated in the job which makes me a reliable person to be delegated work. When working on a project, I appreciate teamwork and I like to develop a good rapport between team members. I also possess an excessive sense of right and wrong, so I am always cautious of not doing the wrong thing. I believe that someone who has done good deed should be rewarded while those who made mistake should be punished. Also as a guardian, during work, I like to execute a task by using the common/old way. I prefer status quo and the things they are currently; I hate dealing with changes or coming up with a new trail to perform a task. For a guardian, when I am analyzing a proposal or suggestion, I would analyze it based on its realism. I am very realistic and down-to-earth, so facts appeal me the most. Besides that, as a guardian, whenever there is an opportunity presented before me, I would think twice, or even thrice, before taking a risk. I try to avoid taking risk at all costs because it is not realistic and things might go wrong. I will do a lot of researches and if previous example, case study, or evidence tells me that it is not worth taking the…show more content…
As a guardian, I tend to act very serious upon the tasks delegated to me. This is a good behavior that will enhance my leadership because I will be dedicated in my task and I take huge responsibility on my job. I will ensure everything will be done correctly and in time. Another guardian’s behavior is to take pride in being trustworthy and dependable. As a guardian, I will try my best to impress others so that they will think of me as a trustworthy person who can get things done. Such behavior will enhance my leadership. Besides that, guardian tends to preserve the way things are and ensure everything runs smoothly. This is a good behavior because it will ensure all the operations in a corporation are on the right track and the desired result will be achieved. However, there are some behaviors of a guardian that will hinder my leadership capability. As a guardian, I prefer the status quo. As a result, I will overlook the importance of adapting changes in a corporation which will make me outdated with the robust world. Being a guardian also, I tend to encourage my coworkers to do things in the routine way. This is definitely a behavior that will hinder my leadership capability because I am preventing my coworkers’ innovative and creative thoughts, which in turn make the result to be typical and mundane. Besides that, a guardian tends to weighs heavily on authority and a sense of right and wrong. Hence, all coworkers will be treated in an impersonal way which will create a

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