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A Marine fighter pilot finishes his run and sets the landing gear on his plane. The plane touches down and the black smoke rolls out from underneath the tires. A young man lifts the hatch and exits the plane. The flight line director places a ladder onto the side of the plane. David throws his leg around the ladder and climes down to the ground. With a sudden jolt, he spins around and ascends the ladder with lighting fast speed. He reaches into the cockpit and pulls out a psychology book. Thus starts the sparking interest of psychology and the human brain in David M. Keirsey. David developed a 70 question test that almost everyone can take. All one has to do to take the test is to place a marker in the column that best fits their personality.…show more content…
Vince was comfortable with issuing orders and changing the way the whole team looked, played, and thought. In 1959, he revamped the Packer’s uniforms. Lombardi wanted his respect to be returned to him by each player on the field. Lombardi was true to his word even when he looked his team in the eye (they just had a previous record of1-10-1) and said, "I have never been on a losing team, gentlemen, and I do not intend to start now." Lombardi was a great coach that improved the Packer’s game and improved their record to7-5 in 1959. Lombardi supervised the Packers for years to come and stayed true to his ESTJ personality every step of the way (Green Bay Packers,…show more content…
A supervisor is often a role model student and has respect for authority figures. Supervisors do all of their homework and make sure to do it to the best of their abilities. An ESTJ is the student that shakes his/ her hand vigorously when they have an answer to a problem or when a teacher forgets that the teacher assigned homework the day before. Supervisors are friend magnets and like to maintain their relationship for several years even though they seem to be a little formal at first. Also, when a supervisor finds that special someone they approach the relationship along the more traditional lines. When it comes to marriage and parenthood, a supervisor is very faithful and believes that it is very sacred (BSM Consulting, Inc., 1998-2014) (Guardian Poartait of Supervisor(ESTJ)). David M. Keirsey developed the Keirsey temperament sorter in 1996 to give humans all around the world a better understanding about their personality. The Keirsey temperament sorter has been introduced to more than 170 different countries with a variety of languages. David developed the 70 question test after spending time as a U.S. Marine fighter pilot. He carried a psychology book with him all throughout World War 2. With his interests he built a temperament sorter based on psychology and human behaviors (Keirsey, David Keirsey,

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