Similarities Between Katniss And Edmond Dantes

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Flood 1 Anna Flood Mrs. Bundy English 9H, Period 9 8 October 2014 Ordinary People, Extraordinary Acts Often heroes are thought to be superhuman and invincible. However, this is not always the case. Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games show that heroism is often revealed through one’s character. Edmond and Katniss were both characterized as heroes because they proved to be persistent, cunning, and selfless in their battles. Although persistence directly correlates to patience and waiting for the right moment, Edmond and Katniss demonstrated that persistence pays off in the end. Edmond shows that he is persistent to win revenge over his enemies. Even when he led a miserable life as a prisoner of the Château d'If, Edmond was determined to overcome his suicidal thoughts and avenge his enemies. This leads to a daring escape and long journey of seeking revenge. Edmond was…show more content…
Edmond and Katniss would not have been able to reach victory without incorporating their cunning natures into their master plans. Edmond Dantes created an escape so cunning and sneaky that none of the prison guards suspected anything. He deceived the prison guards by putting his own body in Abbe Faria’s body bag and placing the deceased Abbe Faria on his bed. Although his plan did not go exactly as planned, he was sneaky and cunning enough to make it out alive anyways. Katniss used her cunning nature to deceive authority just as Edmond did. She was in it to win and stay alive. By deceiving the Capital, Game viewers, and sponsors that she was madly in love with Peeta, Katniss accomplished this. This deceiving began at the Opening Ceremonies and continued into the victor’s tour. Katniss was so cunning that she may have even deceived herself that she loved Peeta. Without utilizing their cunning natures, Edmond and Katniss would not have achieved their

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