Examples Of Heroism In The Hunger Games

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Complete Heroism The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, poses many serious sociological questions which are pertinent to our current social times. During the course of the story Collins subjects most of her main characters to unscrupulous social scrutiny. Katniss Everdeen, the main character, is subjected to all sorts of public judgment, the main one being, from this reader’s perspective, is the question of heroism. During the reading of the Hunger Games the question of Katniss’ heroism continuously arises. It could be argued by anyone reading this marvelous book that Katniss is not a heroine at all, during the reaping, where she probably saves her little sister’s life, or during the following Games, where she clearly saves Peeta’s life, but that she is merely acting out of necessity and practicality. One could also easily argue that the characteristics which Katniss displays during the course of the novel are exactly what make up a…show more content…
In becoming allies with Rue, Katniss is thrust into another situation in which she displays the characteristics of a heroine; again not out of desire on Katniss’ part, but from the immediate necessity to save her newly formed ally (Collins 282). At the beginning of chapter eighteen Collins writes about Katniss killing the boy from district one, “My arrow drives into the center of his neck.” (Collins 282) In killing the boy from district one Katniss is merely reacting to a situation into which she has been thrust. Katniss does not kill the boy from district one out of a desire to do so she is attempting to save Rue. Does that take away from the quality of the deed? No, clearly not. For Katniss the act of killing the boy from district one is a heroic and brave one, whether successful or not, it is performed with the intent to preserve the life of someone whom she cares very much

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