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Literary devices and elements are used in modern English as a technique that helps analyze text for the authors true meaning behind their work. “The Story of the Hour” is about a woman, named Mrs. Mallard, who finds out her husband dies and realizes that she is free because she doesn't have to listen to her husband anymore. She talks about spring life meaning and new life for her where she can only listen to herself, but then she find out her husband didn't die because he didn't take the train that crash. Her husband walks into the room, she sees him and has a heart attack because she is upset he is still alive. Kate Chopin wrote “Story of the hour” in the 1890's, and during that time women had no rights. Chopin wrote this story based on women independence. Kate Chopin uses the theme, symbolism, and the…show more content…
Kate Chopin uses the theme of forbidden freedom for Louise Mallard, who receives this freedom from the the death of late husband. Mrs. Mallard was restricted in many ways; marriage, her bad heart, and even inside her home, which she doesn't leave during "The Story of an Hour." Mrs. Mallard “gave up on life a long time ago but now that he was dead, she had a whole life to look forward to, her own life to run” (Chopin). At no point in the story did Mrs. Mallard say that her husband was a horrible husband, if anything she describe him as the complete opposite. It was only after he is gone is when Mrs. Mallard gets that forbidden freedom. “The Story of the Hour” highlights the roles of women at the time of the 19th/18th century as they had almost none. The story explores a woman's brief liberation brought about by the death of her loving husband and it only lasts for about an hour as she herself faces death at the sight of her living husband. The theme of “The Story of the Hour” is forbidden freedom and Kate Chopin wrote this about women rights of the

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