Global Impact Of The Printing Press On The Renaissance Period

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Global History the printing press Angel Orellana Mr. Shult/ Ms. Smith Global History 2 Pd3 December 14 2012 The printing press had a great impact on the renaissance period. The Enlightenment was the time period when literacy and writing was expanding almost all over Europe! It was the man named Johannes Gutenberg that created the printing press. It was a machine that could be used for typewriting a piece of work. The printing press was sold all over Europe. People started to buy this innovative printing press and start using for writing instead of by hand. This invention had a great impact on writing and literacy. The printing press would be a new change in the renaissance era. Further people would learn how to write and read. During, the renaissance period people use wooden blocks to press ink into paper. The printing press existed when a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented it. Johannes Gutenberg was born in Germany Mainz around the year 1400. The only thing about his youth life was he studied at a seminary school in Mainz and went to the University of Erfurt. At 1434 he moves to Strasbourg to live there for 11 years. He became a member of a goldsmith guild, indicating that he had mastered the craft of metalworking. He already was finding new ways…show more content…
That money would be needed to carry the work. In 1450 he convinced Johann Fust of Mainz to loan him money needed to invest the achievement of his invention between 1453 and 1455. He used the movable type from the creation of the Chinese to come up with a latest way of the printing press. He put his metal working skills to use in forming metal numbers and letters. Later he organized the numbers and letters to form sentences and words. Next, he set them in rows in the printing press. Finally he could move numbers and letters around as necessary. This technique would allow people how to write and read a

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