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This quote was taken from Mina's final journal entry in the novel as she explains and reflects on what happened when finally finding Dracula. After tracking him down and following him by train, carriage and boat they finally arrived at Draculas castle. As soon as Jonathan slashes Draculas throat and Quincey stabs him in the heart he turns to dust and blows away relieving Jonathan, Van Helsing and the rest of the Crew of light from Dracula’s rath. The moment before Mina watched Dracula slip away into nothing, a resemblance of peace crosses his face giving Mina an idea that Dracula never wanted this for himself, but knew his soul had been set free and his body has been laid to rest. A sense of satisfaction and relieve come over all the characters as they can now resume their normal lives, but take this experience and will be able to use them later in life.…show more content…
Throughout the entire novel Dracula is always seen as a bad character. He is always creating some sort of problem for each character. For a few moments during this passage, Mina saw a final look of peace in Dracula’s face now that he is finally laid to rest. It makes you think back and understand that someone brought all this on Dracula. He didn’t chose to be a vampire, just like Lucy, as her normal mortal self, didn’t chose to become the Bloofer lady and harm children. Killing the vampire Dracula is releasing his spirit to be free and his body to lay at

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