Common Themes In Twelve Angry Men And Avengers Assemble

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Even though two stories can have two completely different plots, they can still both share a common theme. Michael Bendis, the author of Avengers Assemble, and Reginald Rose, the author of Twelve Angry Men, both wrote thrilling stories about a group of people working together for one common goal. When comparing Twelve Angry Men and Avengers Assemble, there are three specific themes that stand out in both stories which are justice, collaboration, and selflessness because they capture, in essence, what the stories are all about and what the author is trying to convey. Justice is a very important theme in Twelve Angry Men and Avengers Assemble. To illustrate this notion, in Twelve Angry Men, No. 8 brings a knife in to further demonstrate his…show more content…
For example, No. 8 was trying to get No. 3 to see his point of view, but No. 3 wasn’t budging so the other jurors were helping No. 8 get the point across. No. 8 was asking if anyone did not have a reasonable doubt, and No. 3 kept saying that the boy was guilty, so the other jurors were working together to change No. 3’s mind (Rose 30). No. 3 would not budge on the idea of the boy being innocent and No. 8 was not getting to No. 3 so No. 4, 5, and 9 helped No. 8 with the idea. The four jurors are all collaborating to help when up against No. 3 so an innocent boy won’t be killed, and the group ends up succeeding. Similarly, in Avengers Assemble, the theme of collaboration is shown when Captain America was frozen and the entire U.S. went out looking for him (Bendis 24). The Avengers succeeded because the citizens and government put their minds with the Avengers and accomplished much more than without each other. If it was not for collaborating, then Captain America may not have been found, and he would not have been in the Avengers. Collaboration is a key theme in both Twelve Angry Men and Avengers Assemble, as it helps for working toward a common

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