Justin Credible

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(Unfortunately, this may never be able to be aired as we believe that some of our equipment, including the recording device used for this was stolen at our hotel before we had left Winston-Salem) But, regardless, Justin spoke with passion for nearly an hour with us, proving without any doubt what I had said earlier in this piece about him being such a diehard fan of professional wrestling even to this very day. Justin Credible is a throwback to a day gone by in pro wrestling. One that believes in shaking every hand in the locker room, from main eventers to rookies. One that through his fantastic new YouTube show, “Pro Wrestling 101” is doing his best to “give back” to the young talent and future stars of the sport he loves. One that has accepted the demons that he has worked so hard to overcome and truly loves climbing in the ring, whether it is in front of 15,000 fans and millions around the world on pay per view or a few hundred fans at an indy show. One that has come full circle and has a fresh new outlook and has seen a “rebirth” of sorts to his career because of his hard work to turn his life around…and…show more content…
This however was a story that I felt worthy of being told, as both myself, Steve, the people behind the Wrestlecade show and the thousands of fans who popped loudly when Justin came through the curtain and was introduced are very appreciative of his being there…even if no one other than myself, Steve, P.J., and his wife were aware of these issues he overcame to get there. To borrow a phrase from the man himself, I would have to say that a performer that would go above and beyond to these lengths to not let down his fans…well that’s not just the best, that’s not just the coolest…that my friends, is Justin
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