Narrative Essay About Missing Teenagers

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Mrs. Rodgers was going crazy asking everyone if they have seen the missing teenagers. She was going to lose her job she thought to herself. How could I possibly lose these kids. My only job was to watch them and keep them safe, and I couldn’t even do that. I hope they are all okay and nothing bad happened to them. Meanwhile, Andrew, Hannah, Emily, and Justin were all scared out of there minds! They have been trying for over 4 hours to try and get someone's attention, but no one seemed to understand what they were saying. Everyone looked at them like they were crazy, like they were just a bunch of crazy Americans! Emily was thinking to herself, Oh what I would do to be back home and never have gone on this stupid trip to Spain. Who even cares…show more content…
So he ran as fast as he could over to the stranger and tried to tell him what happened but, the stranger didn’t understand. Justin knew they only thing he could do now was to act it out. Justin started to make weird hand gestures then pretended to pass out on the ground. The man looked confused for a second but then realization finally hit him and he caught onto what Justin was trying to say, the ma followed after him back to their original spot. Once they got back to the girls and Andrew some how found water and they all worked together to wake Emily up. She finally woke up but had no memory of what had happened she didn’t remember being lost, having no money, or even being in a different country. Andrew explained everything to her but she was still a little out of it. Once the doctor was done finishing up Emily stitches he realized the kids looked like they were in trouble. He knew they weren't from here and wanted to help them. He gave them $150 to get them back to where they came from. They were so thankful but didn’t know how to ever pay him back. Justin shook the man's hand and as did Andrew. The girls all gave him a hug and helped carry Emily, she was still a little light headed. The kids got a taxi and made their way back to their

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