Deciduous Forest Biomes

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Have you heard that only eight species of the Pine Marten are in the world? The Pine Marten is part of the weasel family. The Pine Marten is usually found in the Wicklow Mountains, but only in woodlands and in the Deciduous forest. My biome is located in the Wicklow mountains. The climate is wind and usually a gentle. The weather in the Wicklow Mountains is usually 15 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees fahrenheit and down. Since the temperature is cold the Pine Marten can only live in cold or breezy places. There are a lot of biotic factors in the deciduous forest. Some trees in the deciduous forest are the Deciduous Trees, Birch Trees, and Oak trees. Some animals in the forest are Eastern Chipmunk, Red Tailed Hawk, Least Weasel, White-Tailed Deer, Coyote, Carpet Moss, Lady Fern and Common Lime. Some abiotic elements in the forest are rocks, soil, water, sunlight, air, rain, hills, air masses, climate and temperature.…show more content…
The male is 51-54 centimeters. and the female is only 46-54 cm. long. The male weighs about 1.5-2.2 kilograms, and the female weighs 0.9-1.5 kilograms. They have light to dark brown fur and yellow or cream throat patches which can look like a bib. Their fur grows longer and silkier more in winter. It lives in the Wicklow Mountains deciduous woodlands. They often make themselves a den in hollow trees. The Pine Marten is a prey and a predator. It usually eats species of voles, mice, birds, squirrels reptiles, rabbits, honey, insects, seeds, worms, eggs, berries, and fish. They like to climb trees and jump tree to tree. They also enjoy to scat along fallen logs or rocks. The Pine Marten is both predator and prey. Pine Martens mark their own

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