Personal Narrative: If I Was Feared In My World

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If I was trapped in snow globe…... Panic and fear. Raw natural fear. I had no clue where I was. All I remember is talking to someone then sudden pain and dizziness. My eyes watered and my throat closed-up. My chest heaved trying to get more air. I was going to have a panic attack. My eyes quickly darted around to find something to ground myself with. A house. The cold snow. My breathing slowed down. Trees. A person. I took in greedy gulps of air as my air way cleared up. My head whipped up as I heard the far away sound of snow crunching under someone’s foot. It was the same person I saw earlier but this time they were not stationary. They were running straight towards me, and they did not look happy. Fearing for my life I stubbled to my…show more content…
Groaning I groggily opened my eyes and turned my head to stare at the ceiling. I tried to lift my hands to rub at my eyes, but something was holding them down. Looking down at both sides I saw that they were tired down with rope. I instantly started struggling. My movements stopped when I felt the rope harshly dig into my skin. Taking a deep breath, I glanced over at my right wrist; it was already turning purple. I suddenly had the brilliant idea to try and dislocate my thumb like they did in the movies. I pulled really hard on my left hand trying to dislocate my thumb. I got my results, but I instantly regretted it. The pain was so intense that I cried out. I knew for sure that the person from before would come in and see me trying to escape. I pulled my injured hand to my chest and let myself cry. I tried to keep quite but some loud sobs left my mouth. Attempting to quite my sobs I shakily moved my hand to unite the other. When my right hand was untied I attempted to pop my left-hand thumb back into place. All I managed to do was cause it to hurt more. Stumbling to my feet I kept my left hand clutched to my chest. Time to get out of

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