Justified In Macbeth

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There is an old English saying, “ends justify the means”, which means that a good outcome excuses and overlooks any wrongs committed to accomplish it. The theory that, the consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct, can be embedded into this saying. It is thought that the saying, and theory was incorporated into creating Shakespeare’s, Macbeth. This play is about a brave Scottish general who is convinced to murder the King in order to attain the throne after hearing a prophecy from a trio of witches. The play ends with Macbeth leaving a bloodbath in order to conceal his secret. Macbeth was not justified in his “ends justify the means” pursuit of the king’s throne, even if his rule…show more content…
Many might say that Macbeth would be justified in becoming the king if his rule would have been successful and prosperous. All throughout the play, Macbeth had committed acts of lying, treachery, murder, and other crimes, all to become King of Scotland. However, many claim that Macbeth would be justified in chasing after the throne and making successful use of it. Macbeth probably would have been a better king than Duncan. Although Duncan was generous, benevolent, sensitive, and a good father figure, he also too weak and old to be fit for a king. Macbeth, on the other hand is a strong general and warrior, that has won many battles and fought in them, making him stronger leader physically than Duncan. Thus, having a change in who takes the throne probably might have been needed. “Duncan might be a good father, but he's not a very good king. He needs other men to fight his battles, and he can't even tell when those men are about to betray him.”(Shmoop Editorial Team, “Duncan in Macbeth”) Thus, Macbeth would have been justified because his rule would have been prosperous, being more successful than Duncan’s since he is young and strong enough to be fit for king. However, Macbeth is not justified in his “ends justify the means” pursuit of becoming king because he believes that his behavior is more animalistic, and his intentions were selfish and more for his own
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