Corruption In The Dark Ages

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In our world’s history there was the Dark Ages and, like common opposites, there’s a light age, but this was called The Renaissance, or “rebirth”. Although there wasn’t any new discovery during the Renaissance era, but a re-discovery of ideals that was forgotten in the past. During the Dark Ages and for some of the Renaissance era, the Catholic Church was the main ideal, then a new idea appeared that originated from the Greeks. Now these ideals were alive at the time when the Greeks believed in polytheism, or the belief of many gods. The Catholic Church can be a very strict religion, and in the Dark Ages there was a lot of corruption in the church, and people were beginning to question their beliefs. Then this new idea that was reintroduced…show more content…
Catholicism was the main religion all over Europe including countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and Ireland. Also, there was a lot of corruption in the previous years, like priests impregnating women and charging people to forgive their sins. There was a lot of questioning about people’s faith after all of this, thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer, and Reformation thinkers broke with the Catholic Church in their attempt to return Christianity to its original principles. Then, a German theologian named Martin Luther began a new form of religion called Protestantism. He thought the that the Catholic Church should be reformed, and tried to prove himself by outlining the Roman Catholic clergy’s abusing their power. He even changed Romans 3:28 and says, “Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith alone without the deeds of the law.” This distribute was huge in the England’s history because the official religion of England changed four times in less than thirty years. Henry the VII made the country Protestant and his daughter Mary I changed it to Catholicism. After she passed away, Elizabeth I brought back Protestantism and was so determined that Catholicism will be dominant, that her cousin, Queen of the Scotts, Mary to be executed. Thanks to this Protestant belief, it helped the ideal of

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