Founding Fathers Unilateral Power

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The founding fathers of American government determined that there was a need for an executive to carry out orders or decisions made by Congress, therefore the position of the President was created. The founders did not intend for the President to be the most powerful person in office. ( 2015)However, the President is given unilateral power. Unilateral power is the President’s ability to make decisions or enact policies without the consent of Congress, also known as an executive order. Despite the intention of the founding fathers the position of President holds great power. Some presidents use their unilateral power more than others. The Presidents that tend to take charge and use their power may be labeled as aggressive. While Presidents who allow Congress to take control are seen as weak or ineffective. ( 2015) In my research I have noticed that there has been a rise in Presidents who use their unilateral power. Although there are many Presidents that have exercised their unilateral powers, Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used unilateral powers during a time…show more content…
For example the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage are current controversial issues. I have noticed in a time of war when unilateral powers are used the American people are more accepting of the decisions that are made by the President. The founding fathers had expectations of our President to be wise, moderate, dignified and nonpartisan. They had envisioned a President to be sensitive to individual rights and liberties. ( 2015) Having said that the President of United States must use their unilateral powers for the best interest of all its citizens. Americans need a leader that is not afraid to make decisions in emergent situations and that can stand by the decisions that they make and protect America and its

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