How Did Shakespeare Make Macbeth A Good King

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Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most important pieces. It is undoubtedly a great story that even today is able to attract a big audience and entertain the as it did in the time it was produced, the time of Shakespeare and his king, the king James I. It is true that Macbeth is based in true facts that happened in the Scottish history a few centuries ago, but also it is true that Shakespeare took many liberties about the true history in order to make the play of the taste and thoughts of his king. In this essay I will try to explain how Shakespeare made Macbeth for the king and I will show examples of this to prove it. Shakespeare, as any other author in his age , wrote plays that reflected the society, problems and thoughts of the people…show more content…
But feared rejected, humiliated but wielding the power itself company attributed to them were accused of bewitching cows to not give milk or responsible for the crops ruined, or, more seriously, to cause -but sterility in women, in short, "domestic" witches, which did not prevent his increasing persecution in these last decades of the sixteenth century. Because the alarm note was already given in multiple attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth through acts of witchcraft. During the reign of James the evil attacks multiplied further, including the spectacular gunpowder plot (Gun Powder Plot) of 1605, which also involving witchcraft and black masses. It is interesting to note how the play associates witchcraft and evil with women. This misogynistic view about women was the view men saw them during the time of James i. If Shakespeare believed or not believed in witches does not matter. He used the supernatural for the play and many of the people of his audience seriously believed in witches and Shakespeare knew this and wrote it very early in the…show more content…
O, come in, equivocator. (2.3) We can say that the character of Macbeth in the play could be James I in a extreme way. Macbeth is a very paranoid man that kill people before they even could act against him and without any proof of his fears. With this, Shakespeare maybe is sending a warning to James and telling him how could be his future showing him how could James finish if James continues with his paranoia. In the two fold ball and treble sceptres we can find a clear reference to the double coronation of James, at Scone and Westminster. This a clear homage to James in the play. (4.1) Another obvious tribute to James is Malcolm's reference to the evil (4.3), James believed that he inherited a power from Edward the Confessor and that he was able to cure by his touch because of this power. Shakespeare based his play from the book Holinshed's Chronicles; Banquo appears here as an historical figure. In Macbeth play Shakespeare changed the virtues of the character to enhance the moral virtues of Banquo, whom King James called his ancestor. In order to please James Shakespeare altered the information in the Holinshed's Chronicles. Here Banquo appears as a shill of Macbeth in the murder of Duncan and in the later usurpation of the Scottish throne; In Macbeth Shakespeare portrayed him as an innocent spectator first

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