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In the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, Brutus and Cassius, two noble Romans and their associates- often referred to as “the conspirators” plot to rid the Roman Republic of a dictator called Julius Caesar. Flattery was often used in this play as a way to change the plot and it was a big part of the Ancient Roman world, as they would try to use it to convince others to agree to an idea or to turn an angry mob against a political figure. One example of flattery that changes the plot in “Julius Caesar” is in Act I, after the soothsayer warns Caesar about the Ides of March, which he ignores. Brutus and Cassius meet in a public place, where Cassius tells Brutus that he has been acting distant lately, and Brutus replies “Vexed I am/Of late with passions of some difference”- that he has had a lot on his mind. Cassius then…show more content…
Decius comes to his house and Caesar tells him that he is not going to go to the Senate, which is where the conspirators are lying in wait to assassinate him. When Calpurnia describes her nightmare, which she interpreted as a bad omen, Decius explains that the dream could also be interpreted as the Roman people looking up to him, Caesar being the life-source of Rome and the blood giving strength-hence the bathing in his blood, and that people wanted to collect his blood as a token of being near him. Decius also chastises Caesar for listening to his wife, because the Senate wanted to crown him, they might change his minds if he said he would be coming another time and they would think him a joke for being afraid of omens and dreams. Caesar yields to the flattery, saying “How foolish do you fears seem down, Calpurnia!/I am ashamed I did yield to them./Give me my robe, for I shall

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