Was Julius Caesar A Success Or A Failure

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The dictatorship of Caesar, according to ancient writers, has failed not so much because of the policy of Caesar itself, but as consequence of the monarchical pretensions of the dictator. The slightest hint of Caesar's intention to become a monarch was very sensitive, especially for the circles of the senatorial aristocracy. The famous Roman philosopher Seneca stated that Caesar had more friends than enemies among his murderers (Freeman, 2009). This statement can only be explained by the fact that since the rule of Gaius Julius Caesar was becoming more pronounced form of absolutism. Honors rendered to him seemed to have focused only on exalting him above humanity. Caesar underestimated the threats from the conservative circles of the Senate and the insufficient strength of his social base, which were more in the formative stage. These certain political miscalculations led to the killing of the dictator on March 15, 44 BC, as well as the fall of his regime. Caesar himself created conditions for the formation of the Republican opposition, which eventually carried out his assassination by forgiving many of his opponents and entrusting them to positions of high responsibility. This was a major blunder of his policy of charity. Also, the main reason for the fall of the dictatorship of Caesar was his…show more content…
Caesar was moved by his ambitions that made him do a great job for the sake of power and glory. Overall, he was a solid and ambitious leader who felt his capabilities, and knew what he wanted and how to implement these desires (Jimenez, 2000). Gaius Julius Caesar is one of those outstanding figures of ancient history, which is associated with the names of the events of entire eras. Being a multi-talented person, he became famous as a military leader, political leader, orator and writer. The remarkable legacy of Caesar has remained in
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