Brief Summary Of Julius Caesar Chapter 5 Outline

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Chapter 5: Vercingetorix It was the winter of 54-53 BC and the fourteenth legion of Caesar was keeping an eye on Gaul, when they were attacked by the Gallic tribe of the Eburones. The fourteenth legion was completely destroyed and Gaul was starting to smell a scent of freedom. Caesar knew he had to do something about it the stop the whole of Gaul from rising up against the Romans because that would mean disaster. The Eburones also destroyed the army of Sabinus and Cotta , two of Caesar’s finest men, and started convincing more and more tribes to join the revolution and end the Roman reign in Gaul. Quintus Cicero visited was up next, but he did not fall for any trick, as the army of Sabinus and Cotta had been deceived by the Eburones. Cicero forced them back and along with other skirmishes in the course of the following year, Caesar and the Romans managed to get under control. The Gauls were quiet, but, in secret, they were plotting against Caesar. The Aedui gathered all the Gallic leaders. They all concluded something had to be done about the Roman reign, except for the Remi, who helped fight the Belgic tribes. The…show more content…
But when Caesar heard that almost every Gallic tribe had united to end his reign, Caesar gathered everyone available and left only a few, because every man would come in handy. Vercingetorix was stirring up every tribe he and his army met to revolt against Rome to cause as much panic and disruption as possible. Caesar, when he came in contact with Cenabum, a city which killed a few Roman mercenaries, Caesar made sure none of them survived and burned the city down. The next city in line, Noviodunum, which was given mercy at first, tried to provoke Caesar when they saw Gauls approaching. This, however, were only scouts, thus deciding the fate of Noviodunum as Caesar never had mercy

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