Difference Between Ironman And Spiderman

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Marvel Comic’s top superheroes, Ironman (Tony Stark) and Spiderman (Peter Parker), are two of America’s most adored characters. Their personalities, dissimilar living circumstances, and the way they came to the decision to embrace their superhero personas are the chief points of difference between these two crusaders of the comic book realm. Although Ironman and Spiderman share numerous internal and external variances, there are shared internal values that connects them in their early life and in the fight for justice. Both superheroes had their parents murdered in the early stages of their lives. At the age of 21, Tony inherited Stark Enterprises when his parents were killed in a car accident secretly orchestrated by rival corporation, Republic Oil. Nonetheless, the death of his parents didn’t hold his brilliant mind back, the company continued to excel with him as owner. Likewise, Peter Parker’s parents were killed in a tragic plane crash by the Red Skull after being exposed as double agents. Peter was still a toddler when this occurred, therefore he didn’t remember much about his parents. He was sent to live with his…show more content…
Peter Parker is remarkably bright in science and became an honor student at his high school. His brains also helped him to attract his equally smart counterpart Gwen Stacey. He is able to think of innovative ways to defeat villains and outthink his enemies in almost every situation. Similarly, Ironman uses his wits to escape every time he is captured. He has a way of thinking ahead, he usually has already invented the item that he would need to escape, but there is just the matter of getting to it. In a calamitous situation, Ironman possesses the ability to create something grand out of only the things around him. This skill is one of the most essential to continuously be a successful

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