Joint Operation Planning Process

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The Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) in a methodical approach to plan, and evaluate courses of action to assisting in the development of executable plans. JOPP aids commanders and their staff to better shape their planning activities, share a mutual understanding of the mission and commander’s intent in turn develop effective plans and orders. In our reading it states that “the CJTF and staff develop plans and orders through the application of operational art, operational design, and the JOPP.1 Implementation of the plan continues to be supported by the iterative process of JOPP. “During execution, the JFC will likely have reason to consider updating the operational approach. This could involve significantly refining or discarding…show more content…
“The methodology helps the JFC and staff to understand conceptually the broad solutions for attaining mission accomplishment and to reduce the uncertainty of a complex operational environment”.4 Operational art and design contribute considerably to JOPP, therefor, it is my opinion that the tactical level commanders do not yet embrace the skills, or experience needed to develop the JOPP. For that reason the tactical level is the least effective in regards to using the JOPP. When looking at the Strategic level, JP-5-0 states: “Joint operation planning begins when an appropriate authority recognizes potential for military capability to be employed in response to a potential or actual crisis. At the strategic level, that authority—the President, SecDef, or CJCS—initiates planning by deciding to develop military options. The GEF, JSCP, and related strategic guidance documents (when applicable) serve as the primary guidance to begin deliberate planning.”5 To me this statement say that at the strategic level they will provide the guidance for the development of effective plans, more of a thousand mile view. Joint Forces Lesson 7 states that the “key to JOPP is the interaction of CJTF, JTF staff, and the commanders and staffs of the next higher, lower, and supporting commands. JOPP helps commanders and their staffs organize their planning activities, share a common understanding of the mission and commander’s intent, and develop effective plans and orders.”6 These foundations require a high degree of experience to appropriately implement. The Joint Commander at the operational levels should be heavily

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