Columbus Vs Zombieland

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Zombieland is an American movie, directed by Ruben Fleischer, which was published in 2009 and is therefore the most recent example of zombie movies examined in this paper. In a post-zombie-apocalyptic world, Columbus (Eisenberg) meets Tallahassee (Harrelson) and later Wichita (Stone) and her sister Little Rock (Breslin). As a team, they try to survive the sudden, numerous zombie attacks on their way to Pacific Playland. Allan Cameron claims that “[t]he arbitrariness of the deadly zombie attacks is thus paralleled by their meaninglessness” (82), since all of the characters manage to survive the trip and the finale at the amusement park. Unlike the other two movie examples, Zombieland shows flashbacks, explaining how the protagonist learned…show more content…
When she turns soon afterwards, Columbus loses all affection he had for her, since “[u]nlike such classic movie monsters as the vampire and the werewolf, the zombie lacks a truly intentional relationship with its victims” (Cameron 80). In order to safe his own life, he kills her. Again, self-defense is used to justify killing zombies, since talking to them and reasoning with them does not help at all. Still, when Columbus kills the zombie girl, he says: “Oh my god, I'm so f****** sorry!” In this moment, he seems to regret killing her, but sees it as necessary to survive. Still, apologizing to a zombie for killing it is unusual in zombie fiction, so Columbus' behavior makes the viewer laugh. From that moment on, Columbus is not sorry for killing zombies anymore. On the contrary, he is proud to have survived for such a long time. Also, the fact that he is…show more content…
Yet, Tallahassee, the oldest survivor, seems to take exceptional pleasure in killing zombies, making him think of many different ways to end their lives for example towards the end of the movie when “[t]he finale at an amusement park provides some creative opportunities for zombie killing [...]” (Dendle 237). This also provides most of the funny moments in the movie. The only ways to cope with a zombie apocalypse is either being frightened or seeing it as a huge joke. Another aspect that adds to the movie's humor are Columbus' rules of survival. It is either kill or be killed and since every human has the natural will to survive, they kill the zombies. This can also be described as 'survival of the fittest', if the character is a good shot, clever and quick, he is able to defeat the zombies; if a character is slow, weak or makes wrong decisions, the zombies bite or kill

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